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April 22, 2021

How do I keep focused?

I had a message on Twitter today from a good mate Frank

and this got me thinking about how do I keep all these balls in the air, so instead of just replying with a short tweet I thought I’d write this post to try and explain my secret (which isn’t really a secret)


I like to try and game once a week where possible, I have several friends who live quite close who all have gaming areas so I tend to visit them and play something, I also try and meet up and role play on Roll20 once a week as well. Occasionally we plan big games at Firestorm games and spend a day playing something.

when it comes to rules, I’m luckily as I can hold rules in my head once I’ve played a game and in my little group of friends we all concentrate on knowing one or 2 games so we can guide the other players when needed. the reason for this is we all play for fun and the social side of the hobby is the most important thing, so if someone needs help with some rules we give it automatically


I have to admit to hating sitting down and reading rules, so I tend to skim read them first, pull out the important bits and try and play something. then I go back and re-read sections of the rules in a bit more detail, my biggest joy is planning armies so once I’ve had a skim through a set of rules I’ll read up on how armies are created and see what I need to do to get something on the table.

often I find that getting a small intro game in using the core rules is enough to get me going and that cements the rules in my head.

but even though I hate reading rules I do love books and I often spend an hour just skimming through a set of rules pulling out the info I’m interested in (like whats the turn sequence, how does combat or morale work etc) and doing this just helps me understand the rules


Now this is my passion and I spend a lot of my free time painting, especially over weekends. I’m lucky to have a study with space in it for a painting desk and storage of my figures, I try to get in an hours painting most evening when I’m not playing.

as I work in IT having a hobby that gets me away from technology really helps me unwind and I can spend a lot of time just slapping paint on things, and just 10 mins can be spent doing something, it really is a case of little and often

Here’s a few pictures of my study to give you an idea of my set up

Well I hope this little insight into my gaming life has helped answer Franks question, but of course the main reason I get to spend so much time on my hobby, is I have a understanding wife and no kids 🙂

One Response “How do I keep focused?”

  1. Avatar October 19, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Thanks Mike – that’s actually a reassuring set of answers;

    I get to game at least once a week, and normally twice. A mix of board and miniature games.

    I don’t paint as much as you, but do at least 10-20 minutes a day “on something”, and then get in a couple of two hour sessions at the weekends and/or on a weekday evening. I’ve recently restricted my painting to only three projects at the same time (currently Star Saga, Conan and Team Yankee), and that provides progression while avoiding boredom.

    Like you, I find it a great way to unwind.

    The rules reading is a pain and the part of my hobby I dislike – so I put it off but then feel guilty about not doing it (mainly on the boardgaming side). Good to read that you/someone else feels the same.

    So, having read what you’ve written and compared it to what I’m doing, I now don’t feel so very under-productive. Just a little under productive (and have the excuse that I have two kids and a wife who “tolerates” my hobby). Many thanks for that!

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