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April 22, 2021

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – 3rd Edition – part 1

I’m going to come out with it straight away and make a confession “I am a rules junkie”

I really like finding new mechanics for gaming and seeing how they fit into rules, some of these mechanics can be quirky and don’t really serve any purpose, whilst others can change the way a game developed and maybe even drive its success.

for example, the Saga Dice and Battle Board mechanic for Saga, which changed a good Dark Age skirmish game into a best seller

in short I love it when rules designers do something different and shake up some old tired concepts, ok sometimes it doesn’t work, but sometimes it is magical

this is where Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying – 3rd edition comes into the discussion. I’ve only just got back into Roleplaying but I heard about this game a while ago when it was described as a game that doesn’t know if its a board game or a roleplaying game and i was intrigued.

I did some casual research and found out this edition came out in 2009 and was produced by Fantasy Flight Games, I also found out it was now OoP and difficult to find, so I resigned myself to never being able to pick up a copy.

Then my good mate Ade Deacon posted a picture of some stuff he was taking to the Firestorm Games tabletop sale and at the edge of the picture I spied a copy of WFR and so after a few emails I became the proud owner of the game.

now I’m home I can start looking at the game in detail so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you my dear readers. In this article I’m just going to go through the box and see what in it, then later on I’ll go over the rules and tell you what I think, and who knows maybe answer that question is it a board game or a roleplaying game?

Whats in the Box?

well first up you have this box and its fair to say its big, it’s bigger than any RPG I’ve seen before

it has a fancy slip case that has a fold out section covering the components as well

once this is off we are left with this fancy box that contains

a book

actually you get 4 books

below that are some card stock containing lots of tokens, which whilst not unusual for any Fantasy Flight game, these are not often seen in RPG’s

next we are back onto safe ground with a pad of character sheets

then we get dice, lots of different dice covered in symbols

anyone who has played anything the FFG produce will recognize their love for fancy dice, pretty much every game I have of theirs has them, but back in 2009 I’m not sure they were all that common

staying with the FFG staples of game design we have cards, lots and lots of different sized cards. again this is common for FFG but I’m not sure its something you see in RPG’s

at this point you would be forgiven for thinking the box is empty (well except for the normal card support that seems to be in every FFG game ever invented)

but no, hidden below this are some little boxes one of which contains some-more cards

So what do we have here?

it seems to be a role playing game, but seems to have odd dice and cards. I think its fair to say I am intrigued to find out more, so maybe I need to sit down and start reading the rules and report back.


you don’t think this core box was the only thing I got off Ade do you? no I also got these

some more dice (the law of playing FFG is you always get a second set of dice as you’ll never have enough)

a Adventures Toolkit box

the Game Masters Toolkit

Some extra rule boxes

and finally a scenario and a campaign

I think its fair to say this will keep me busy for a while



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