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April 22, 2021

Judge Dredd Vehicles

many years ago I took part in the Judge Dredd the miniatures game Kickstarter run by Mongoose Publishing and as part of that I picked up some vehicles, well finally I’ve arranged to get some of them painted.

My good mate Vlad (@GrimmGoth on Twitter) took on the task of assembling and painting the vehicles and well lets just say they were a bit of an issue. You see there were 3 vehicles in this order a Sports car, a Riot vehicle and the Mo-Pad, the Riot van and Mo-Pad were a bit of a problem to assemble (especially the Mo-pad) but Vlad persevered and the other day I picked them up, so here’s some pictures

Civilian Spots car

Riot van


I really love the colours Vlad used on these 3 vehicles and the subtle weathering on each one so I’m proud as punch to add them to my collection. Whilst I was over at Vlad’s I dropped him off 3 more vehicles for JD so I’m looking forward to getting them back


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