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February 20, 2020


Help me Obi-Wan You’re my only hope

I decided to have a little break from painting Conan Miniatures and instead went back to my Star Wars figures and painted up the Obi-Wan Kenobi figure from Imperial Assault its a lovely little miniature but the face does look a bit like George Lucas (thanks to best mate Steve for pointing that one out)

What’s on the Paint Desk

Welcome to the 2nd What’s on the paint desk for 2017 and today my paintdesk contains the following miniatures Obi Wan Kenobi – from Imperial Assault which is nearly finished Thog – a big monster from Conan Conan the Warlord – probably my favourite miniature from the Conan kickstarter 12mm WWI French – not sure

Painting Progress – Tusken Raiders

I decided to have a break from Conan and have painted up a few Tusken Raiders from the Imperial Assault expansion ‘Twin Shadows’ I wanted to do a simple paintjob on these with minimal highlights and various washes to bring out the shadows. so here are the 4 Raiders next up is an elderly jedi

Whats on the Paint Desk

Yes its been a while but its back for another season of posts (as the Americans say) today my paintdesk contains nothing Conan related but has gone a bit Star Wars, with the following models front and center Obi Wan Kenobi – from Imperial Assault 4 Tusken Raiders from the same game a very old

Painting Progress – Conan the King

After a brief hiatus for Christmas I’m back to painting and decided to start with a second Conan model from the core box, this time the King model plus the Lion ally. here are the models before painting The Lion model is probably the worst in the core box but with a bit of paint

Painting Progress – Dark Demon and Outer Dark Devil

Its been a productive day so you can have a 2 for 1 special edition of painting progress first up its the Outer Dark Devil that appeared in the short story ‘Vale of the Lost Women’ this story was not released during Howards life but is included in the  collections of his works as normal

Painting Progress – Savage Bêlit

If you remember a while ago I painted up the first of the 4 Bêlit models that I got in my Conan Kickstarter pledge (see here) well I decided to do a second one. this is the Savage Bêlit that came as a stretch goal in the Kickstarter and may not be released at retail. The

Painting Progress – The Captain

Its time for another Conan miniature and this time its ‘The Captain’ this is another generic character that is almost an amalgamation of many figures that appear in the Novels, but Monolith are basing the model on a figure that appeared in one of the unpublished stories ‘The Black Stranger’ (unpublished in Howards lifetime that

Painting Progress – Thak

Appearing in the 934 story ‘Rogues in the House’ Thak is an intelligent Man-Ape that Conan beats in combat (as Conan does) here is the model before painting and here it is afterwards, I’m especially proud of the red cloak which was a pain to get right

What’s on the Paint Desk

After a break of a few weeks (blame work) its time to catch up on my regular feature ‘What’s on the Paint Desk’ Today my deck only contains 2 miniatures both of which are from the Conan game Thak – the man beast from ‘Rogues in the House’ which is nearly finished The Captain –

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