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July 7, 2020


Painting Progress – N’Gora

Like Day follows Night, I have completed 1 more hero from my Conan game and today it’s time for N’Gora N’Gora was a commander of Bêlit’s Black Corsairs and appeared in Queen of the Black Coast where his short lived career ended after he went mad and attacked Conan Like many (but not all) of the models

Whats on the Paint Desk

its Monday its 12 o’clock and that means its time for ‘Whats on the Paint Desk’ for yet another week today my paint desk contains lots of Conan minis, including: Belit – I decided to get some new flesh tones for this model as its mostly flesh N’Gora – He is nearly finished just the

Painting Progress – Valeria

its another day and another Conan miniature is completed, this time its Valeria. I was looking forward to this miniature ever since I saw the early images last year, so when I got it out and primed it I was a little disappointed by the softening of some detail. Now this is not to say the

Painting Progress – Shevatas

I’ve finished off another one of the models from my Conan game and thought it was worth posting so this one is Shevatas who was a Zamoran thief and he appeared the short story  ‘Black Colossus’ where he sought to steal the treasure of Thugra Khotan’s tomb in Kuthchemes. here is the model in its bare

Painting Progress – Conan and Hadrathus

Welcome to another Painting Progress and this time its the first of what might be many posts on painting my Conan miniatures There has been a bit of talk about the quality of the hero miniatures and I do think the light plastic they used was a mistake as it does hide a lot of

Whats on the Paint Desk

I somehow managed to miss last weeks post of this feature so this week I’ve decided to post it on the correct day and not on Tuesday So Whats on the Paint Desk I hear you ask, well today we have:- a Crooked Dice miniature given to me by my mate Steve that I’m planning to

Painting Progress – Star Wars Imperial Assault

I seem to have regained my painting Mojo after a short lived drought and as well as finishing off the Judge Dredd Pat Wagon I’m also going through my backlog of Star Wars figures and have painted up this lot Rebel Troopers as I plan on using my Star Wars figures for 7TV I decided

Painting Progress – Mk III Pat Wagon for Judge Dredd

I’ve finally managed to finish off my Mk III Pat Wagon for Judge Dredd, I got this via the Judge Dredd Kickstarter that Mongoose Publishing ran in 2012 and it finally arrived last year. I know that the uniform of Judge Dredd should be black but I remember the blue uniforms for the old comics (they

Painting Progress 7TV Mad Science Cast – Part 2

last week I showed off the first 3 figures for my 7TV Mad Science cast and over the last few days I’ve been working on finishing them off, and here they are We have 2 Failed Experiments, one in a red boiler suit and the other in a lovely brown suit (very 70’s) then we have 3

Whats on the Paint Desk

It’s fair to say I’ve had a busy week, what with organising Llardiff and work getting in the way, however I have managed to get some painting done and my desk is looking pretty tidy so this week the only thing I have on my painting desk is:- A Pat Wagon for Judge Dredd, made by

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