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May 27, 2017


Genesis of a Wargamer – Part 3

If you’ve read the previous 2 parts of this series of articles about my introduction to wargaming (here and here) you will know that I’d spent my formative years in school playing lots of Role Playing Games and I had dipped my toe into wargaming but hadn’t actually finished an army or played a game.

Genesis of a Wargamer – Part 2

Carrying on from my last post (it’s here if you want to read it) it was late 1982 and my mates and I were playing Runequest and looking for a way to extend the campaign. I wanted to include big battles in the campaign and get away from the standard stuff that rpg games usually

Genesis of a Wargamer – Part 1

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to be a member of the Meeples and Miniatures podcast and during that time I’ve spoken to a lot of people from the industry. The first question new guests on the podcast get asked is ‘How did you get into the hobby’ and generally these answers

RIP Nick Hawkins – Peterborough Wargames Club

I’ve just heard the sad news that Nick Hawkins has passed away. Nick helped me with the Flintloque army lists that are in my Downloads area, and even though we never met he was someone I had nothing but respect for. my thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time Mike Whitaker has

The End of an Era

This week saw the ending of a chapter in my wargaming life when I received my copy of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames issue 402. Issue 402 is the last one to be edited by that bastion of the UK wargaming scene Mr Henry Hyde and I have to admit to being very sad about it

Lack of updates

Sorry that I haven’t been update the blog for a few days but we decided to get another cat to join the 2 we had already one quick trip to the local cats protection league later and we had signed up to take not 1 but 2, so meet Monty who’s a little shy and

News on the Conan Boardgame

Right before I start I have to say that I am a huge Conan fan, not so much of the films (although the original one was ok) but I love the books and regularly re-read them. that being said it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that I spent a large part of 2014 following this

Organising My Paint Desk

A little while ago I picked up some new paints from Foundry which meant I had to reorganise my painting desk to fit them in. I did post a picture of my desk on Twitter which caused all sorts of comments to flood in, generally people couldn’t understand how clean my desk was and some

Getting my name in print

My best mate Neil ‘Meeples and Miniatures’ Shuck has been forced to take a step back from his media commitments recently, which included writing his monthly article for Miniature Wargames. This meant Henry Hyde ( the editor of that esteemed publication) was left in a bit of pickle as he had 3 pages to fill and

Firestorm Games Tabletop Sale Day

Twice a year Firestorm Games (my much loved local gaming shop) holds a tabletop sale and demo day which is a day I always keep open in my diary. the idea is simple have a small bring and buy sale plus allow people to rent a table for the whole day to flog there stuff,

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