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February 28, 2021

Command and Colours Ancients

I created some labels to help store my C&C Ancient block so here’s all the details

I use large plain white Match boxes which I buy from HomeCrafts these are 110 x 60 x 20mm  and come in packs of 12

I then stick labels to each box detailing the contents


this is the pdf of the labels for the base game Core Box unit cards

Here’s the labels for the Spartans from Expansion 6 Spartans (the Orange and Bronze Blocks)

Finally here’s the labels for the Greeks and Eastern Kingdoms from Expansions 1 and 6 (the Blue, Silver and Light Tan Blocks)

the boxes can then be stored in a really useful box for safe keeping, here’s the blocks for the Core Box and Expansions 1 and 6 in a 6lt Really Useful Box


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