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April 22, 2021

Games I Play

Being a typical wargamer I have lots of interests and so I tend to do lots of things (usually at once) in this section of the site I’ll try and cover all the various games I like to play and give a bit of background to the games and figures I use.

In general these are a list of games I currently play and ones you’ll probably see me blogging about

  • Sword and Spear – a great game by Mark Lewis of Polkovnik Productions this game covers Ancient battles from Biblical to Medieval. I use it for early Greek and Persian battles using 15mm figures by Forged in Battle
  • To the Strongest – another really good Ancient game, which uses a grid system, again I use my FiB Greeks and Persians
  • Saga – by Studio Tomahawk, my favourite Dark Age game although I was one of the playtesters and I’m biased
  • Sharpe Practice – By the Too Fat Lardies, expect lots of posts about this as I’m writing a campaign book covering the war of 1812 for this rule set
  • Chain of Command – again by the Lardies, these rules are probably the best platoon level WWII game on the market
  • Planetfall – by Spartan games, 10mm sci-fi with quick and easy to learn rules
  • Firestorm Armada – again by Spartan the space combat game set in the same universe as Planetfall
  • Otherworld fantasy Skirmish – based on 7TV this game allows you to play out D&D adventures on the tabletop
  • Open Combat – a small scale pre-gunpowder set of rules, perfect for using those figures you’ve had hanging about for ages
  • Sword and Spear fantasy – a game I’m playtesting thats based on the historical version. its just fantastic and has allowed me to use up all my old 10mm warmaster armies
  • Spearpoint 1943 – a card based WWII game by Collins Epic Wargames, playable in 30mins and great fun
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