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April 22, 2021

Chain of Command

Oddball Tank by Warlord Games

a few weeks ago I picked up Warlord games Oddball Tank, which is very similar to the vehicle used in the classic 1970 film Kelly’s Heroes the vehicle in the film was a Sherman M4A3E4 that the production team loaned from the Yugoslavian army and has become an iconic vehicle. ok this model was never used in

20mm Early War Germans for Chain of Command

the last few weeks has seen me working on my 1940 German army for Chain of Command in 20mm I did post about this project when I started it (see here) but for some reason I didn’t post anything when I completed the Core Force (expect that tomorrow) but anyway, I have already finished a

Big Chain of Command game

last weekend myself and good mates, Mark, Ty, Geoff and Steve got together for a big game of Chain of Command at Firestorm games Geoff had agreed to run the game and he put together a scenario that allowed us to use my US infantry and Fallschirmjäger, Ty’s Heer and Steve’s US Paras. the game was

Painting 20mm Early War Germans

I’ve just started painting up some of Early War Miniatures 20mm Germans for new project I’m currently working on and thought I’d document the process in case anyone wants to use it the idea behind this project is to do some  games during the fall of France in 1940, which gives us the chance to use

Time for a Change

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll all say I am a flighty person when it comes to wargaming. I really can’t concentrate on 1 project for any period of time (hence the name of this blog) and I’ll swap around between rules, periods and genres at a moment’s notice. However, for the last 6

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