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What happens when dilution of the hobby becomes homeopathic

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April 23, 2021

Heroes of Normandie

Heroes of Normandie, the Tactical Card Game

    Kickstarter project: 09/20/2016 – 10/12/2016 Now, it’s time to push the war to another scale! You will manage companies instead of platoons to conquer bigger battlefields.Unit tokens are replaced by cards, terrain tiles are replaced by maps. We introduce a new set of rules, but don’t worry, if you are familiar with Heroes of Normandie,

Heroes of Normandie – Gazette 5

Anyone who knows me fairly well will know I do like Heroes of Normandie by Devil Pig games, yes I know its a bit of a marmite game and a lot of people don’t like the game play or the artistic direction of the game, but I like it so there one of the things

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