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May 26, 2020

Painting Progress

Painting Progress – Thak

Appearing in the 934 story ‘Rogues in the House’ Thak is an intelligent Man-Ape that Conan beats in combat (as Conan does) here is the model before painting and here it is afterwards, I’m especially proud of the red cloak which was a pain to get right

Painting Progress – Skuthus

After a short break whilst I based up some 28mm Napoleonic figures (see future post) I’m back to painting my Conan miniatures and today its the Skuthus miniature Now normally at this point I would give some information on the story that this miniature appeared in but I cant do that because Skuthus doesn’t actually appear in

Painting Progress – Zaporavo

Its yet another Conan update and once again I’m working my way through the miniatures I got on the Kings Pledge core game, with today model being Zaporavo Zaporavo was a Pirate Captain that appeared in the 1933 short Story ‘The Pool of the Black One’ obviously he dies during a fight with our Barbarian hero

Painting Progress – Princess Yasmela

slowly I continue to paint up the miniatures in the Conan King Pledge I brought in the Kickstarter and today I have finished another one of the female characters Princess Yasmela appeared in one of the early Conan books ‘Black Colossus’ where she gives command of her army to Conan due to an intervention by

Painting Progress – Khosatral Khel

This is one of those models that I’ve wanted to paint up since I saw it appear in the Kickstarter, as its one of my favourite monsters in the whole Conan series. I talk of course of Khosatral Khel Khosatral Khel appeared in the 1934 story “The Devil in Iron” and is a Demon with skin the colour

Painting Progress – Zelata the Witch

I decided to have a hobby day today and have managed to finish off another hero (well a heroine really) in the form of Zelata the Witch and her wolf Zelata was a minor character from  ‘the Hour of the Dragon’ who aided Conan on his quest as is normal here are the 2 models

Painting Progress – Zogar Sag

Due to work I haven’t had much chance to do any painting so my output has slowed down a bit But I have managed to finish this little model, and its the Pictish Chieftain Zogar Sag. He appeared in  the short story ‘Beyond the Black River’ which was published in 1935. here we have the

Painting Progress – Bêlit

Bêlit was a character that appeared in Queen of the Black Coast, she is probably Conans first love and returned from the dead to protect Conan at the end of the story #SpoilerAlert – sorry but she dies in the end anyway this iconic character is described in the story as not wearing very much (except

Painting Progress – Belit’s Guards

After a little break, caused mainly by too much work and not enough time, I have finally finished the first unit of Allies ‘ Bêlit’s Black Corsairs’ or Bêlit’s Guards as they are know in the game these appeared alongside N’Gora in Queen of the Black Coast and being minions they obviously all died unfortunately I

Painting Progress – N’Gora

Like Day follows Night, I have completed 1 more hero from my Conan game and today it’s time for N’Gora N’Gora was a commander of Bêlit’s Black Corsairs and appeared in Queen of the Black Coast where his short lived career ended after he went mad and attacked Conan Like many (but not all) of the models

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