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April 23, 2021


Polyversal Wiki Published

I’ve just heard that Collins Epic Wargames has created a brand new wiki site for Polyversal here’s some info from the latest Kickstarter update Polyversal Wiki Site Created I have also been working to fill in pages on a Polyversal Wiki site, which you can now go to here on Wikia: http://www.polyversal.wikia.com. The vision for the

Polyversal Battlegroups

A few days ago I was asked by Mats Larsson a backer on the new Polyversal Kickstarter campaign about the pros and cons of different configurations and sizes of battlegroups and this got me thinking. Before I go into giving my thoughts on the question I think it’s worth going over some of the basics first,

Toolkit Games

I’ve been thinking recently about the games I really enjoy playing and which games are giving me the most pleasure at the moment. Now I’ll be honest I do like a lot of games but there are 4 of them that are standing out from the crowd at the moment and they are: Sharp Practice

New Downloads Section

One of the things I want to do with this site is share documents that other people might be interested in, so I’ve created a ‘Downloads’ section in the top menu for this so far it only contains the Space Marine stats I came up with for Polyversal, but I’m hoping to extend it soon with

Polyversal is Live on Kickstarter

Any regular reader of this blog will now how interested I am in the 6mm Sci-fi game Polyversal after all I’ve blogged about it extensively Well now the Kickstarter Campaign for this great game has began and with everyones help we can finally get this great game out on the shelves where it belongs There

Designing a Force for Polyversal – Part 2

In my last Polyversal post, I started describing how I’m putting together an army using my old Epic Space Marine figures. I showed in detail how a unit is put together so now I can show you the stats I came up with for the other units I want to use in the army. So

Polyversal – 6mm Sci-fi Game

Way back in March 2014 we interviewed a very charming chap called Ken Whitehurst on the Meeples and Miniatures podcast about a game he was designing called Polyversal, this game was of interest to me as it was a large battle sci-fi game played using 6mm figures and I really like 6mm sci-fi. Well over

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