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What happens when dilution of the hobby becomes homeopathic

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November 12, 2019


Highland Commanders

Carrying on with the Highland theme from my last post I’ve spent the last few days repainting some command figures from the ones I brought last weekend actually what was going to be a quick touch up turned into complete repaints so it took a while, I also found a Mounted officer in my bits box so

Breathing New Life Into Old Figures

if you read my last post you would have seen that I picked up a few figures from the Firestorm games tabletop sale day and this week I’ve spent rebasing one of the purchases I made I got this lovely unit of 28mm Highland Infantry which had been based up for Black powder and I wanted to use

Painting 20mm Early War Germans

I’ve just started painting up some of Early War Miniatures 20mm Germans for new project I’m currently working on and thought I’d document the process in case anyone wants to use it the idea behind this project is to do some  games during the fall of France in 1940, which gives us the chance to use

More War of 1812 test games

this Thursday and Friday saw me trying out a scenario that might make it into the War of 1812 book I’m putting together for Too Fat Lardies. I don’t want to say too much about it as its still in the design phase but it involves one side who are low on supplies defending a

Plans and Distractions

I’ve come to the conclusion that I really shouldn’t make long term plans about wargaming as I always end up breaking them, usually within 5 mins. Take my plans for 2016 that I spoke about in the yearly Meeples and Miniatures roundup, I said that this year would be the year I got back into

War of 1812 – demo game

Yesterday I ran the first in what will be several demo games of Sharp Practice 2 for members of my club and I had 4 willing players who wanted to try out the rules. This also allowed me to start working on a scenario for the Too Fat Lardies event ‘OML4’ which is happening in Evesham in

Matt’s gaming page (Glenbrook Games): Proud to announce the first in a new line of embroidered dice bags first up Toofatlardies Pint & Pie logo

Long Time chum Matt Slade is making these very nice Too Fat Lardies themed dice bags, which i have to say are lovely and one of them might fall into my hands soon With the imminent release of Sharp Practice 2, that all round good egg, Rich Clarke of Toofatlardies has given us permission to

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