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May 8, 2021

Too Fat Lardies

Reisswitz Press Prepares for Lift-Off – Lard Island News

It isn’t often that a new publishing house dedicated to historical wargaming is launched, but that is precisely what is about to happen as Reisswitz Press prepares to publish it’s first set of wargames rules, Pickett’s Charge by respected game designer Dave Brown, the man behind such classics as General de Brigade, British Grenadier and

Llardiff – October 15th at Firestorm Games

On October the 15th one of the UK’s most respected gaming companies; Too Fat Lardies will be visiting the South Wales Gaming Center at Firestorm Games to host a series of participation games showcasing some of their most popular rules. There will be 6 games on offer with each one being played twice starting around

20mm Early War Germans for Chain of Command

the last few weeks has seen me working on my 1940 German army for Chain of Command in 20mm I did post about this project when I started it (see here) but for some reason I didn’t post anything when I completed the Core Force (expect that tomorrow) but anyway, I have already finished a

Matt’s gaming page (Glenbrook Games): Proud to announce the first in a new line of embroidered dice bags first up Toofatlardies Pint & Pie logo

Long Time chum Matt Slade is making these very nice Too Fat Lardies themed dice bags, which i have to say are lovely and one of them might fall into my hands soon With the imminent release of Sharp Practice 2, that all round good egg, Rich Clarke of Toofatlardies has given us permission to

Sharp Practice 2 – Introductory Videos – Part 2

Following on from my previous post those lovely chaps at Too Fat Lardies have produced 2 more videos for Sharp Practice so here’s some links so you can watch them Video 3 – Movement and Firing Video 4 – Command

Blimey, I’ve Got an Imagination! – Lard Island News

Apparently Rich’s newest project is all my fault, but I’m happy to be of service 🙂 I must have been standing too close to “Our ‘Enry”, head honcho of Minature Wargames with Battlegames and, who, whilst seemingly living in Brighton & Hove, is  actually (and more believably) the Grand Tomato of Prunkland and sworn enemy of

Sharp Practice 2 – Introductory Videos

With the release of Sharpe practice 2 only a few weeks away the publicity department of ‘Mega Lard Incorporated’ has been working overtime to produce some videos covering various parts of the game. so far there are 2 videos but the news on the street is they will be producing more so its a good idea

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